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Research Guides and Bibliographies / Virtual Libraries
International Law and Human Rights Web Pages



Research Guides and Bibliographies

ASIL guide to electronic resources: Human Rights

UN Human Rights Documentation: A guide to Country-Specific Research, by Penny L. Parker

Research Guide to International Law on the Internet (University of Bologna, Faculty of Political Science)

Bibliography for Research on International Human Rights Law (University of Minnesota)

Concise Guide to Human Rights Resources (Derechos)

Guide to Foreign and International Legal Databases

Guide to Human Rights Research (Harvard Law School)

World Wide Web Resources for Foreign & International Legal Research, compiled by Jane Thompson and reference librarians at the University of Colorado Law Library

Legal Research on International Law Issues using the Internet, by Lyonette Louis-Jacques and Guy Alvarez

Conducting research in Public international law, by George Middeldorp

Researching Indigenous Peoples Rights under International Law, by Steven C. Perkins

Select bibliography on Refugee Children (RefWorld)

Select bibliography on Refugee Women (RefWorld)

The Rights International Research Guide for International Human Rights Lawyers

United Nations Documentation: Research Guide

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Virtual Libraries

AASS Directory of Human Rights Ressources on the Internet Guide to Human Rights

Australian and International law (JBLaw)

Canada-US Human Rights Information and Documentation Network

DIANA - University of Cincinnati

DIANA - University of Yale

International Law and Human Rights through the Doddel Server

Foreign and International Law through the J.W. Long Law Library, Willamette University

Globalization and Human Rights

Human Rights Electronic Resource Centre

Human Rights Interactive Network

Human Rights Net

Human Rights Web

Human Rights IGC Resources Page

International Law Dictionary & Directory


Regards sur les droits de l'Homme

Réseau Internet pour le Droit International (RIDI)

University of Minnessota Human Rights Library

Women's Human Rights Resources (Bora Laskin Library, University of Toronto)

World List

World Wide Web Virtual Library of Indigenous Studies

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International Law and Human Rights Web Pages

Karen Parker Home Page for Humanitarian Law

Stefan Schmitt's Human Rights and Forensic Anthropoly Home Page

La toile du droit international (Professeur Daniel Turp)

Public International Law (Professor Francis Auburn)

The International Law Page (Roel Hans Bethelem)

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